DLR-F6 Geometry

Reference:  AIAA 2001-2414.pdf,  30 MB

General Notes

The F6 configuration is NOT identical to the F4 configuration used in the 1st workshop.

F4 (wing-body only available):

F6 (wing-body and wing-body-nacelle-pylon available):

After releasing the geometry, inconsistencies were found in the fuselage curvature that have been resolved.  The fuselage forward and aft closures and the pylon were also cleaned up.  All geometry files downloaded after October, 2002 contain these revisions.

CAD Models

CATIA:  F6-FEM_v2.model.gz

IGES:  f6_nac+clean_dpwII_v2.iges.gzf6_farfield.iges.gz

The iges file contains both the geometry with nacelle and without. To "produce" the igesfile for the clean configuration move the pylon- and nacelle panels and the lower inner wing panels (50,59,60) to invisible. Then move the "clean" inner wing panels 68 and 69 from invisible to visible.  The reference data is the same as for the F4 as the wing planform and position and the fuselage have not changed.
STEP: DLR_F6_V2_STEP1.stp.gz

Wind Tunnel Model Reference Geometry

Model:  f6_cfml1_s2_onera.jpg

Mean Aerodynamic Chord:     141.2 mm
Moment reference point (from fuselage nose):     504.9 mm
Projected half span (v-form 4.787 deg):    585.647 mm
Half model reference area:    72700.0 mm^2

Nacelle Centerline:
Point 1:   x: -8.73756      y: -205.39937     z: -28.54676
Point 2:   x: 203.95542    y: -209.07073      z: -35.98394

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