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Mac TetrUSS 2012 is available!
Read the Release Notes (PDF)

Information & Resources

To learn more about Mac OS X TetrUSS (usage, software, and availability) click here.

To look at system requirements, see the Release Notes (PDF).

For information on TetrUSS training/support, go here.

To download a detailed TetrUSS brochure (18MB PDF), click here.

To request TetrUSS for Mac OS X, click here.

For general questions about TetrUSS on Mac OS X, contact Craig Hunter.

For other questions about TetrUSS, see the main TetrUSS web page (contact info provided).

For questions about USM3D, see the online manual.

GridTool Documentation

GridTool Training Manual

VGRID Training Manual


VGRID 4.1 Release Notes (PDF)

lam-MPI For Intel Macs (2.7MB tar/gzip archive)

lam-MPI For PowerPC Macs (3.5MB tar/gzip archive)

NACA 0012 Sample Case (32KB zip archive)

ATF Sample Case (1.1MB zip archive)

DLRF6 Sample Case (1.5MB zip archive)

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